Earth's Crust


The distribution of this card is courtesy of The Club de Mineralogie de Montréal.

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The Club de minéralogie is a not for profit organization that offers a vast array of educational workshops on the earth sciences to primary and secondary school children.

They can trace their roots to March 1977, when a dozen people interested in earth sciences and lapidary arts came together and formed Le Club de minéralogie de Montreal. Since then, the Club has grown to include over 400 members. Every year the Club de mineralogy organizes an important mineral fair that brings together collectors and exhibitors from Eastern Canada as well as members of the general public.

During the year, the Club de minéralogie’s premises are located in the heart of Montreal. Through a partnership with the CSDM (Commission Scolaire de Montréal), the Club has access to the spaces necessary to host conferences and meetings, as well as organize many activities such as the lapidary arts (cutting, polishing and gem facetting). The Club de minéralogie also has an extensive documentation center, a well equipped laboratory and a showroom. The Club maintains a vast collection of minerals, fossils, rocks and meteorites and will soon host a spectacular fluorescent minerals display.

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Select current The Club de minéralogie de Montreal projects

  • The creation of a collection of mineral cards in collaboration with CIMF
  • A special collection of fossil cards in collaboration with CIMF

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